Piyush Verma
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Areas of specialisation


Infrastructure and Cloud guy at Datastax.com
(November 2016 - present)

Responsible for taking Datastax Enterprise as a managed service in the Cloud(s).

Co-Founder and Software Consultant at Oogway Consulting
(April 2016 - present)

Automation, Infrastructure, Reliability and Scale of your software.

Software consultant at datascale.io
(June 2015 - November 2016)

Responsible for Automation, Infrastructure, Reliability and Scale of running Cassandra and apache spark as a hosted and managed service.

Infrastructure and Backend consultant at safetychanger.com
(January 2015 - June 2015)

Helped in crafting an on-premise deployment path by porting to Configuration management and Infrastructure provisioning using Hashicorp tools.
I was also responsible for introducing Golang to the tech stack and training all software developers. Managed a small team of really young but smart engineers and helped them improve the overall quality and stability of the product code base.
I Also helped with noSQL Data modelling and schema management to move to a multi-tenant system.
Among individual contributions, helped them circumvent AWS proprietary by replacing it with OSS components to continue with the on-premise goal.

CTO and founding member at Siminars
(January 2010- January 2015)

I was a cofounder of this online training and education platform. Initially called Simversity and eventually, Siminars.com, this was where I was able to hone my skills in Software Engineering, Production systems management and shipping and maintaining large codebases.
At Siminars, my responsibilities included architecture design, individual contributions, code reviews, pair programming, testing, system administration, devOps, database management and other aspects of shipping production ready Code.
I had the opportunity to lead a tech team of varying talent and experience, which helped me appreciate the importance of building a team and playing by ones' strengths to achieve goals.
It was here that I discovered my ability to raise the overall tech talent of my team, where we transitioned from using off-the-shelf tools to writing our own cutting edge tools and frameworks. We also put a handful of these tools and frameworks under OSS License.
Brief Of the company: The Siminars platform enables presentation of rich media content in a structured sequential manner. Think of it as a series of rich blog posts that can be queued in a logical fashion and consumed as a simple online course. Added to it is a quora like community , social features, gamification and a very user friendly experience. This enables people who typically teach life transforming or self - development to break their concepts down into little consumable chunks and present them for high impact. The packaging enables them to sell "siminars" for a fee akin to an online course. Siminars can be thought of as "elearning lite".

CTO and Co-Founder at Awaaz.me
(February 2009 - December 2009)

Wanted to build the Youtube-live of Audio and yield transcripts of the archived audio files. Aim was to have a citizen radio which also provided archive playback while generating multi-lingual transcripts. Went on to do a small Pilot with a couple of NGOs in Bangalore.

Software Engineer at Chaupaati Bazaar (acquired by Futurebazaar.com)
(March 2009 - June 2009)

Chaupaati Bazaar was a phone-commerce startup that enabled India's 500+ million mobile users to buy home appliances, children's products, books and magazines over the phone. In my short stay I helped them build the SMS server using a bunch of smartphones and old computers, migrate their backend from Solr to MySQL & a customer behavior analysis tool.

Software Engineer at MPower Mobile, Inc
(January 2007 - February 2009)

I was one of the core developers and helped the company through out their technology stack. Varying from implementing SMS parsers which could handle thousands of records per second, Implement travis like build-quality integration and Ubuntu upstart & Solaris SMF scripts.

Free Software Developer at KDE
(March 2007 - December 2007)

Implemented the Python support for KDevelop (the default IDE for KDE 3 & 4). Project involved implementing a Python grammar and a JIT parser which was for responsible for Syntax highlighting, Indentation recognition, Syntactical check and populating a Variable-Definition-Usage tree.

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